Find out what the New York Times had to say about the future of staging and why it works!

The article uses the example of a NYC apartment that initially decided against staging at the time of listing. Although they had over a hundred showings, the apartment sat on the market for over 6 months. They decided to take their home off the market and enlist the help of a Stager. When they re-listed the staged apartment in April, the house “was mobbed” and sold for $1.8 million, well over the $1.495 asking price. This article really explores the reluctance of homeowners to stage and has great insight from agents and stagers in the industry.

Peoples expectations when it comes to real estate have really changed over the years. Now more than ever staging has become an essential part of the home selling process. The article also dives deeper into the transformation of staging practices and how they have modernized.

A very interesting read. Check out the before and after pictures from the NYC apartment in the article to see how staging transformed their space and got them a higher sale price.