I often encounter sellers who do not see the benefit of home staging. Below are the main objections and complaints I hear from sellers about the home staging process.

It Cost Too Much
On average staging your home will cost between 1-3% of the home’s asking price. A staged home on average, is sold anywhere from 8-10% above the asking price and in some cases higher. Staging your home is an investment that pays for itself.

It Is Too Much Work
Selling is stressful and moving isn’t fun but this is work that you will have to do eventually anyways. De-cluttering and sorting through your stuff now will just make things easier come moving day.

Our House Will Sell Without Staging
It is a fact that staged homes sell 79% faster than homes that are not staged. The longer your home sits on the market, the less desirable it becomes. Buyers and agents will wonder if there is an issue with the property or see it as a negotiating tool to buy the home for less than it is worth. You only get one chance to come to market so why risk it? Also the first price drop is usually more expensive than the cost of staging.

I Can Stage The House Myself
Yes, you can de-personalize and de-clutter but it is hard to be objective about your own home and the stuff that is in it. Stagers don’t just make things look pretty they create better traffic patterns and furniture placement. They change room functions and focal points and they are professionals that can assess your home without all the personal feelings attached. Which leads me to my next objection…

My House Already Looks Great
Your home is unique to you but our job as stagers is to create a home that appeals to the largest number of people possible. Buyers don’t want to see you in the home they want to see themselves. Remember you are selling your home not your stuff.

Give yourself the best opportunity for success when selling your home. Call Queen City Staging today!