You have only seconds to create a positive first impression! You want potential buyers to know that you have taken good care of your house and you value its curb appeal. Our goal is to create an inviting welcoming environment! We see the outdoor space as an extension of the home, expanding usable square footage creating outdoor rooms which will be very appealing to prospective buyers.

1. Power wash everything, the siding, steps, driveway, railings, walkways and patios.
2. Wash all of your windows and ledges in and out until they are squeaky clean!
3. In most cases a new coat of paint or re-staining will give your house the lift it needs.
4. Decide on a colour scheme for your outdoor space choosing complimentary colours – no more than 3. Queen City Staging can help you with color selection at the consultation.
5. Make sure that people can see your house numbers – buy new ones, paint them – make them stand out.
6. Clean, repair or replace all of your outdoor lights and keep the lights on so that potential buyers will be able to see the house in the evenings.
7. Shine your mail box or replace it.
8. Plant seasonal urns beside the front door to create a better visual entrance
9. Cut and weed your garden and lawn. Repair any brown spots or thin patches and remove any dead plants.
10. Clear walkways of weeds – for determined sprouts spray them with a combination of vinegar, water and dish soap.
11. Store away all yard tools, garbage bins, hoses, toys etc. Take a walk around the perimeter of your house and clear away any refuse.
12. If the space allows create a seating area that emphasises a focal point in your yard. Make sure all furniture is free of damage and dirt.
13. Add elements to your backyard like toss cushions or coffee table accessories. Bring the indoors outside so buyers see it as an extension of your homes functional space.
14. Get ride of driveway cracks that can make your yard look uncared for by repaving or painting it
15. Remove clutter and organize the garage or shed.

Now step back and admire! Still feeling stressed and overwhelmed let Queen City Staging do the heavy lifting for you. Call us at 416.560.5141